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Via Trasaghis 180

33013 Gemona del Friuli (UD) ITALIA

T. +39 0432 98 11 67
F. +39 0432 89 25 91


How we work

Franceschino Loris Group producers of wooden handles since 1968



Besides our wide level of quality, we are very strong in our market also because we use the latest technologies for increasing our production. Our aim is is to offer to our clients high-quality wooden handles and we are deeply devoted to this goal. Our products has to respond safely and efficiently to all mechanical stress they are subjected to. We use the most recent machinery for a safer place of work; this wide authorization allow us to save money and time during the whole process. For this reason we are also able to customize our production adjusting it on our customers demand.



All raw wood is check prior and after buying it. Logs are shipped directly to the sawmill where they are saw into boards which are then stocked for drying process. All the timber used in our production has a humidity level going from from 16% to 18%. Also during the further phases of production we still check and control the timber until the final handles. The very last control is been made during packing, prior shipment to final client.



Purchasing timber and raw wood in general is fundamental to get high quality products. All suppliers are strictly selected: we personally meet them in order to establish a good relationship that allow a constant supply for our stock. We often also check the timber or raw material in cutting places or sawmills. For our production of wooden handles we mainly use beech (fagus sylvatica) and ash (fraxinus excelsior) which are local trees very common inside Europe and all the material is bought in full compliance with European Timber Regulation (EUTR).

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