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Via Trasaghis 180

33013 Gemona del Friuli (UD) ITALIA

T. +39 0432 98 11 67
F. +39 0432 89 25 91


The production stages

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For producing high-quality wooden handles timber is essential. For this reason the process of raw wood selection is extremely important and Mr. Franceschino Loris himself is often involved in it, visiting forests and checking timber

Video  "minutes 1,49"


The timber we use is check and control for being as much efficient as possible during the whole production. Every single log, before being saw, is selected per diameter and length. Wood in elements or boards is carefully inspected and checked above all on humidity grade with several random sampling. Also the handles at the end of the process are examined to point out eventual pieces revealing non-compliance.

Video "minutes1,37"


Wood in boards or elements is cut on measure and eventually shaped for being later on milled or drawn. Once the production is ended, then the finished handles are prepared for shipping or delivery to clients. During the packaging the final quality control take place.

Video "minutes 4,24"

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