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Via Trasaghis 180

33013 Gemona del Friuli (UD) ITALIA

T. +39 0432 98 11 67
F. +39 0432 89 25 91


Our production of wooden handles is extremely diverse and wide. It includes handles in ash and beech wooden handles for being used in several gardening and building hand-tools.
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Our production of wooden handles is extremely wide and includes over 40 different kind of models that are produced only on-demand when an order is placed.

Depending on customer request we can offer the following personalizations:

Once finished, our handles can be varnished with transparent varnish, or colorful paint, even partially or entirely,  with colors chosen by clients.



Another particular finishing process we can give to our products is waxing. In this way our handles are smoother for the hands and nicer to the eyes. We can wax handles up to 1.600 mm of length.



All our wooden handles can be branded with client's logo or product bar-code in the
following different ways
nk-printing with black or color ink
individualized fire-stamp
labeling with bar-code and product description


All our handles can be packed in different ways according to clients needs and type of product. Short handles can be packed inside carton boxes or loaded into Europallets sealed with expendable plastic film. Longer handles can be stripped together with plastic strap into bundles of 10 / 15 / 25 pieces each and then later on loaded into Europallets sealed with expendable film.


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